“Deadpool” Movie Review

deadpoolWriter: Madison Grace

The latest and greatest to come to the comic book cinematic universe is none other than Deadpool, and it has officially raised the bar tenfold. For those who are not on their fifth screening already, I am here to tell you the film is well worth scheduling on a movie night in your weekly plans.

Whether you are a comic book fan, Deadpool fan, or completely new to the comic book world, this movie is made for every kind of action-comedy movie goer. Fox Entertainment took this deranged, katana-wielding mercenary from print to screen in a phenomenal translation.

Marketing for Deadpool joked about a love story with Ryan Reynolds, but surprisingly the main plot for this particular origin story ended up being a love story after all. We are presented with a man falling in love, finding trouble in his life that would separate him from her, and then tries something dramatic to be able to stay with her.

How Deadpool gains his powers in this timeline is a bit darker than in the comics, but the basis is still there. The movie only takes place in about three separate settings, keeping the story line easy to follow. With minimal flashiness, the movie gives its audience a chance to truly soak in all the humor, violence, sex, and more violence.

Fox took every bit of what makes “Deadpool” Deadpool and ran with it. From his exceptional amount of no-holding-back violence to his ever present sarcastic sense of humor, the interpretation for Deadpool was spot on.

The movie enraptures the audience from the very beginning with its clever opening “credits” during a slow-motion blood bath. Every little detail used made the audience a part of the movie (sometimes literally, as we were address quite often by the man himself).

Most R-rated action movies these days are certainly filled with violence, but Deadpool uses a unique sense of deadly blows and sound editing to really get your gut churning. On top of the gratuitous amounts of violence, the humour was on point.

The audience gets a sense of just how much fun the creators were having with this character from the untimely delivery of jokes (even at very dark points in the story), dry humour, breaking of the fourth wall, and even taking a crack at the other superhero movies that have been made. The jokes and scenes that get your sides splitting most assuredly happen the second time around, and one may even catch a few more jokes they didn’t get the first time.

Consumers debate whether Deadpool is appropriate for kids to see. This is a strange argument in that if something is rated “R” it is usually with due cause. Even cutting out the sex montage, Deadpool from the get go is filled with excessive, gruesome violence and an abundance of profanity.

With this new age of superhero movies, parents tend to think comics are made for children, but this is actually quite the opposite. Comics are inherently made for adults, filled with adult themes and higher thinking. There seems to be a consensus that if a character is a superhero they are for kids, but just because someone wears a spandex costume does not necessarily make that true. Every parent can be their own judge; but, if you wouldn’t take your kid to go see comic movies like Watchmen or Sin City, I recommend don’t bring them to see Deadpool either.

Deadpool has been made to be the comic book movie of comic book movies. Even if you never even knew who Deadpool was beforehand, you will leave with a true sense of his character. If you were hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, I invite you to join, you will not be disappointed. Schedule that babysitter, make plans for date night, or just go head on over to the theatre and treat yourself to 108 minutes of a good time.


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