The Vision: Synthezoids in the Suburbs


Writer: Marlee Merlo

If you can get passed their physical appearance, The Vision family seems like an accurate representation of a lot of us. Once we hang up our capes and masks and decide to settle down into a life of suburban normalcy, the day-to-day functionality of the family unit clicks into place. For The Visions, a family of synthezoids, solar-powered android beings made of synthetic human blood and organs, this seemed to be the case.

The story begins with the Visions settling into their new neighborhood, Cherrydale, about fifteen miles west of Washington, D.C. Though the neighbors notice their differences, they largely try to accept, and begrudgingly befriend, The Vision, his wife Virginia and twins Viv and Vin. The glamour of having an Avenger living on the block would draw even the most reclusive neighbor out of their home and over to the Visions’ doorstep with a platter of cookies.

One fateful day, after the twins are back at home from a long day at Alexander Hamilton High, an unwanted visitor barges in with a vengeance. Grim Reaper, in a fit of rage and tenacious loyalty to the Vision’s creator, Wonder Man, barges into their home. He immediately attacks teen daughter Viv, stabbing her through the abdomen with a mortal blow. Virginia wastes no time, and out of the same pure primal fury that us mortal mothers possess, lunges in and kills Grim Reaper. Like many of us suburban mothers who have reacted to a situation based entirely on emotion, she immediately goes into clean-up mode and wants to hide what she has done from her husband. When he comes home, Virginia tells Vision that she didn’t necessarily intend to hurt Grim Reaper, though her lasers activated out of defense when he had turned to attack Vin next. After the encounter, Vin considers the differences between humans and synthezoids. While they weren’t designed to survive and replicate in the same manner that humans were, Vin can’t help but recognize that their purpose may be a little less defined than initially thought.

As a mother of three living in a suburban area not far from D.C., I relate to Virginia. Virginia demonstrates the immovable force that any parent would possess upon being thrown into a situation where their children were placed directly in the path of danger.

Virginia proved that while her husband is the Avenger, any mother could step up into the role of superhero in order to protect her family.


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