Darth Vader 18: Beetee and Triple Zero Steal the Show


“Nostalgic Droid Dialogue”
Writer: Resty Grey

Kieron Gillen’s Darth Vader #18 continues Vader’s assault on Shu-Torun.

Beetee and Triple-Zero’s joy at the demise of organic beings makes these characters completely contrast the familiar droids we know and love, R2-D2 and C3PO.

As we flip through the first few pages, we get the traditional inorganic dialogue between droids reminiscent of the two droids we normally would be looking for. The major difference being the contrast between the timid C3PO and the bold Triple-Zero.

Some of the best dialogue Gillen comes up with in this series comes from the conversations between Beetee and Triple Zero.

As we read the opening sequence of Triple Zero tossing what the audience assumes as an indigenous organic soldier into lava, the audience hears Beetee express his enjoyment about the war on Shu-Torun through “bleeps” and Triple Zero’s interpretation, similar to the way C3PO responds to R2-D2. The droids’ happiness at organic melancholy only makes their character’s more and more enjoyable through every panel.

“There are plenty of things I like about organics,” said Triple Zero, “that wonderful smell as they burn to a crisp, for one.”

Triple Zero’s joy at the demise of organic life bring an unusual smile to my face. On the one hand, I’m repulsed at the character’s morality; on the other hand, I’m amused at how well his character remains consistent throughout the series.

Through Salvador Larroca’s illustrations, we’re able to match the tones in the images to character.

Despite being ambushed, Vader remains calm, a common attribute of Vader’s we’ve come to know and love about this character. Vader’s calm nature keeps me calm. Lord Vader’s arrogance suits him well, and Larroca gets that across easily through his illustrations.

We can only expect the next issue to be written in the similarly familiar fashion. The only surprises for the audience would be how Gillen intends to pull off a fresh look at Vader’s familiar character.



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