Green Arrow Suiting Up for DC Rebirth


Writer: Kelly Poynter

As the Lukos virus continues to spread across Seattle, Oliver Queen desperately seeks a cure for him and the city he calls home.  

When Oliver and Emiko are lead to Africa in the hopes to find a man who has miraculous healing powers, an old enemy shoots their plans down (queue rim shot).

The duo crashes and falls into the hands of local guerrillas. After a quick attempt to escape, Oliver realizes they just so happen to have Doctor Miracle in their possession.

Oga is the guerrilla warlord, leader of a group of militants he has named the Whites. He explains his plan to use the good doctor to prevent his troops from being killed. While Oga continues to monolog, like a villain so often does, Deathstroke the Terminator shoots his way into the camp in search of his own target, Doctor Miracle. He makes quick work of Oga and his soldiers, and turns his focus on Oliver and Emiko.

Even with the Lukos virus and his new Warg abilities, it doesnt appear Oliver has what it takes to bring down the Alpha.”  Rain soaked with a blade sticking out of his chest, we are left with Emiko pleading with the motionless body of Green Arrow not to die on her.

Green Arrow took on a new look and feel in issue #41. This story continues some of its strongest writing and art since Lemire and Sorrentino worked on the series.

In my humble opinion, the series seems to be trying to give the readers a taste of what Mike Grell gave us back in the late 80s and 90s. The big question thats looming in the future of all the DC titles is, “what will Rebirth do to the series youre currently reading?”

Will the Lukos virus arc continue after rebirth? While executives have said that Green Arrow wont be affected much, another character redesign will be happening for the Emerald Archer.  

The costume will be a little closer to what weve been seeing on CWs Arrow, but he will still sport some of his classic facial hair.

As a long time Green Arrow fan, I support this. I also support DC finally introducing the character with his long time love interest Black Canary.

DC Universe Rebirth Green Arrow will debut in June with two issues being released a month. Benjamin Percy will continue to write with Otto Schmidt providing the art.


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