Jess, Cindy and Gwen out to Brunch


Spider-Family’s Girls’ Day Out

Writer: Resty Grey

Marvel’s Spider-Women crossover event is well on its way and the women have gotten themselves caught in a sticky situation.

A new mother, a young woman trying to be an adult and Cindy Moon from Earth-616 join together for a girls day out.

Jessica Drew’s been busy caring for her new baby and needed time to recuperate from the new stress in her life, so she calls in a babysitter. Unbeknownst to the babysitter, Roger will be working overtime.

Jess joins Gwen Stacy and Cindy Moon to brunch on Gwen Stacy’s Earth. Gwen is from Earth-65, but she travels between Earth-616 to hang out with Jessica as Spider-Women and fight crime and do whatever superheroes do on multiple earths that share the same name.

On the other hand, Silk’s been trapped away for 10 years, robbing her of any potential culture. Gwen thinks Cindy “is not all there,” giving the impression that Gwen may be a little arrogant about her first-world privileges.

To be short, Robbie Thompson has his hands full creating genuine conversations from three very different personalities.

Great dialogue comes from combining three women with differing maturity levels. As the ladies leave the apartment, Cindy comments on how large Jessica’s backpack is, jokingly suggesting that Jessica may have brought a jetpack.

“It’s my breast pump,” Jessica said.

Hilarity ensues. Cindy never thought one of the necessities of motherhood would be to lug a breast pump around, but these are some of the unglamorous facts of motherhood Robbie Thompson satirizes in Spider-Women Alpha. Thompson makes it apparent for the reader that Jessica Drew is using her breast pump, as a good mother should.

Vanesa Del Rey’s art compliments the story well. Her use of dark colors contrasts the bright pinks and yellows of Clowntown. The bleak mood overtones create tension as Jess and Gwen talk about Cindy’s personality.

On one hand, the audience sees Cindy Moon enjoying her time in the ball pit at Clowntown. On the other, we see parents removing kids from the ball pit because Cindy seems “not all there.” Cindy notices, but doesn’t know how to react. I can sympathize with Cindy. I too wish there wasn’t an imaginary age limit to play in a ball pit.

I enjoyed the majority of the comic. The dialogue felt forced in some areas just to move the story into the next panel. However, with such a large project as this, we’ll take the shortcomings with the successes. Incredible dialogue comes from the interactions between these three personalities. Having gotten themselves stuck in someone else’s trap can only bring much more intense conversations.

I’m excited to see how they’ll cut themselves from their villain’s web. Or not.


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