Bad Editing Causes DC Movie Flop


Poor Superhero Story” 
Writer: Madison Grace

Just like its predecessor, Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice has fans split down the middle. Comic fans and moviegoers alike have come out from this film with either an absolute love or an absolute hate. While the movie did have some strong ups, the bad outweighed the good this time around.

The most prominent issue was the very poor directing. Zack Synder spent so much time trying to build-up a larger DC universe for future movies that this movie ended up falling short. His main heroes had minimal development and were reduced to surface emotions. No deep connection was made apparent with characters interactions with each other beyond initial meetings.

Wonder woman shows up at a party, her identity gets threatened and she fights. While Gal Gadot was stunning and kick-assed, what more did she do? What was the true motivation for Batman wanting to KILL Superman? Superman stopped an alien invasion from destroying the whole Earth killing thousands in the process, but is that enough to want to kill Superman? For main plot points, these answers never came out clearly enough.

Overall the movie’s plot was boring and underdeveloped. The final boss fight was entertaining and fun, but what about the rest of the film? The source material only seems present in the character’s names alone.

Why was Batman killing people? If he was so angry for the deaths caused by Superman’s fight with Zod, why does he casually drag cars behind him to then ram those into other cars? Batman’s morals were very unclear throughout the whole movie. Batman and Superman’s mothers sharing the same name was enough to cause them to stop fighting, become friends and then have to honor the other’s memory after they died, all happening in the blink of an eye.

What was the point of having Flash show Batman the Darksied future and warn that Lois Lane is the key? He never seeks out Lois after that premonition.

The audience is left to fill in a lot of plot holes from the choppy editing. As an avid moviegoer, I want to be sucked into the movie and forget about my life for the 60-150 minutes I sit at the movie theater for. The mish-mash of editing and scene jumping just became a constant reminder that I was watching a film, and not a very good film at that. A movie should not have to depend on a director’s cut to be able to understand a full story; director’s cuts should just enhance what you already know.

Beyond having phenomenal acting from all parties and a fun battle scene, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left me wanting an entirely different film both as a comic fan and a movie fan. 


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