Underrated Marvel Character to Big Screen


“Origin Story for Sorcerer Supreme”
Writer: Resty Grey

Marvel released the Doctor Strange trailer, exciting Marvel fan for the upcoming film releasing November later this year.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Stephen Strange in Scott Derrickson’s rendition of Dr. Strange’s origin story. For such an impactful character in the Marvel universe, Doctor Strange’s story needs to be retold so every Marvel fan can be on the same page once the Avengers start introducing more of the less-popular characters.

Tilda Swinton plays the Ancient One, the character that guides Doctor Strange into his role as Sorcerer Supreme.

The trailer also revealed Rachel McAdams, an actress I adore, tending to Doctor Strange on his way into the hospital after his accident that caused the nerve damage in his hands.

With the launch of Jason Aaron’s new Doctor Strange comic, I’m very excited to see Doctor Strange make it to the big screen. During a time where our world obsesses over the latest technological innovation, our culture needs a movie dedicated to magic to re-inspire a fading generation of sorcerers.




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