Swinging Back to a Familiar Spidey


Writer: Tom Aiello

I picked up my pull this week with mild trepidation, awaiting the next issue of Amazing Spider-Man. The past few issues of Amazing Spider-Man have left me mildly disappointed and wanting more focus on our Friendly Neighborhood Wall-crawler. I wanted to see the Spidey I love back to what he does best.  

Opening the first few pages of Amazing Spider-Man #10, my Spidey-Sense tingled in the best of ways.

The story picks up where issue #9 left off with Spidey lying on the earth after crashing to the ground from the stratosphere–our hero is out of web-fluid, broken and bleeding. Despite his current state, he still controls one of his greatest powers–his sarcastic humor. He proves that no matter the situation, “he’s still Spider-Man.”

The artwork and coloring really stood out in this issue. Giuseppe Camuncoli and Marte Garcia were at the top of their game. The vibrant reds and blues of Spidey’s costume stood out in the gloomy atmosphere. The splash pages were filled with the fantastic aerial action of our Wall-Crawler.

The plot paced progressively well throughout this issue. The reader constantly looks forward to what comes next, finding him or herself pleased with how the story developed.

In Amazing Spider-Man #10 we get a mysterious man in red who convinced The Rhino, Aleksei Sytsevich, to break Curt Conners and Max Dillion, the Lizard and Electro, out of prison. This may be hinting to the reformation of a Sinister Six. This also foreshadows the “Dead No More” event that has been teased over the past few weeks.

Amazing Spider-Man #10 was a breath of fresh air for this Spidey fan. It hit on all cylinders–the comic had action, humor, beautiful artwork and great plot development. The comic even featured a throwback to Spidey learning Kung-Fu from Shang Li during Spider-Island, a time when Spidey lost his trusted Spider-Sense.

This issue is a clear improvement for this series, so if you’ve been missing the fun, familiar Spider-Man we’ve come to know and love, then pick up and read this issue.


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