Devil of Hell’s Kitchen Exceeding Expectations


“Incredible Performances Across the Board”
Writer: Tom Aiello

Watching the opening to Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2 felt like reading a Marvel comic from the Silver Age.

Prior to watching the second season, I was excited knowing Elektra and The Punisher would be introduced. We also see the return of Matt Murdock’s best friends, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page.

The character development throughout this season reflected the comic well and captured the essence of most, if not all, the characters from the Marvel Universe.


Starting with the introduction of Frank Castle, Jon Bernthal undoubtedly depicted the best portrayal of The Punisher to date. Bernthal’s performance drew the audience in with his action-hero antics, then revealed another side of the Punisher that reflected the character’s internal pain and struggle.

Charlie Cox continues to excel in his performance as Daredevil. He is believable as a blind man, a gifted fighter and an accomplished lawyer.

Karen Page, played by Deborah Ann Woll, is my favorite part of this show. This was definitely her season to shine. Karen Page holds her own as the legal secretary for Nelson & Murdock. Karen continues to run the firm for Foggy & Matt.

Karen Page’s character most shines during the trial of Frank Castle.  After Karen interviews Frank while he recuperates from his fight with Daredevil, Frank goes on to tell Karen about the murder of his family. This is the turning point for Karen’s character. At this point, Karen begins to question the justice system despite Murdock’s best efforts to convince her otherwise. The relationship between Matt and Karen now changes.

The backbone of Nelson & Murdock is Foggy. He is often Matt’s voice of reason. Foggy’s confidence builds as the season progresses. He even matches wits with the corrupt DA and comes out on top. His opening statement in the Trail of Frank Castle is a gem to watch.


Elektra Natchios is another major character with a dark and mysterious past that was finally introduced in this series. Some of the best action sequences are with Daredevil and Elektra fighting the Ninjas of The Hand. The scenes are very well choreographed and shot beautifully.

I would definitely recommend Netflix’s Daredevil to any comic book fan, as well as anyone who enjoys a well put together show with excellent action and an intriguing story where you fall for the characters and can relate to each of them on different levels.

The future for Hell’s Kitchen looks promising unless you are part of the villainous underbelly, if you are then you’ll have to deal with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.



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