Poe Dameron Soars in His New Series

Poe-Comic-Featured-ImageWriter: Chris Kettner

Poe Dameron #1 was an excellent introduction for someone like me, a person brand new to the Star Wars extended universe.

Issue one starts with General Leia Organa giving Poe Dameron the task of finding Lor San Takka, the only person who may have information to where Luke may be found.

General Organa gives Dameron coordinates to Takka’s last known location. He assembles a crew known as Black Squadron, and they take off in hopes of finding their missing Jedi.

When they arrive at their destination, Dameron has to fly down into an opening on the surface to see if he can find any sign of civilization. He finds a wide-open place to set his X-Wing down, only to discover a group of cultists who worship a giant floating gold orb. What happens next? This is a review, not CliffsNotes, so go read it to find out for yourself.

I really liked how a few members of the cult were familiar races from the original trilogy timeline. Seeing Dameron share a panel with a Trandoshan helps the new characters blend in with the old, solidifying the extended universe as part of the Star Wars series as a whole.

Poe continues to prove why he’s known as the best fighter pilot in the galaxy. His character has a real Anakin-like vibe to him–not in a whiney, wife-murdering kind of way–rather, he’s an incredible pilot with a healthy amount of cockiness to him.

A panel from the first issue reminded me a lot of the podracing sequence in The Phantom Menace, in that only someone with Jedi reflexes should be able to react fast enough to survive. Is Dameron Force sensitive? That’s not what we’re here to discuss, but I highly doubt it.

Remember that old guy in the beginning of The Force Awakens, the character Poe talks with before the First Order arrives? The one that gets captured, murdered, and then no one speaks of him again? Well, it turns out he’s not just some throwaway-character after all!

Lor San Takka (The old dude who gets beheaded) gets more back-story in the Poe Dameron series. It seems like the series will end with Poe eventually landing on Jakku and meeting up with him.

There’s a lot of potential with Takka’s character; for instance, why is he the only person who knows where Luke is? I’d continue reading the series for more information on him alone.

You’ll love BB8 even more than you did before–it’s possible–because that little droid is a complete badass. BB8 can hold its own, is a total sass queen, and even has a taser that it whips out constantly, ready to defend its master any way it can.

The bonus comic at the end, “SaBBotage” is quite cute as well, so be sure not to skip over it.

Overall, the first issue of Poe Dameron is exactly what I expected: a brief intro to spin up the reader on new characters while further establishing existing ones, as well as providing a solid setup to keep the reader interested in the next installment.

I, for one, will be reading Poe Dameron monthly. I’m curious to see where the authors take the story next.

There’s a lot to the Star Wars Extended Universe, but I would advise anyone looking to delve into it to check out PD#1 first. It’s an excellent start to the series, and it has me excited to read even further into the Star Wars EU.


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