Cosmonauts Continue Great Series in Sequel


Following Valiant Comics’ success of the four-issue miniseries Divinity from 2014, Valiant releases the much-anticipated Divinity II.

In Divinity, the Soviet Union sent three cosmonauts further into space than anyone had ever been before. Lost in the far reaches of outer space, the Soviet Union encountered something Unknown.

Abram Adams, the protagonist, came into contact with the unknown object. It changed him and gave him incredible abilities. Adams now bends matter and space, and manipulates time.

He became Divinity.

Returning to earth decades later, Divinity transformed a desert into a lush oasis. The people believed him to be a deity.

Upon his return decades later, he transformed deserts in to lush oases, leading to the powers of the West trying to control Divinity, only to be easily defeated.

Divinity now inhabits in his own reality.

But what happened to the other two cosmonauts?

Divinity II begins with learning about the fate of the other two cosmonauts, Valentina and Kazmir.  

As a child, Valentina was an orphan living on the streets, till she was rescued by the state.  Now she owes a debt to the state, and will stop at nothing to pay it back.  You see how loyal she is to the Soviet government, never asking questions and always following their strict Law.  The story goes into her upbringing as a child through her time training to be a cosmonaut.

The writer does an excellent job developing Valentina, you get a great insight about her as a person.  

Now stranded on the far reaches of the universe, Valentina goes into the Unknown and is changed in similar ways that Abram was.

The use of purples and oranges in the background on the panels were beautiful and vibrant. These colors are something you do not see that often in comics. If you were asked to give a name to this place, you could easily say “The Unknown”, and it works as a description, I believe this was what the artist was trying to achieve.

The pacing is excellent. The story jumps from past to present while telling the history of Valentina, and this is done extremely well. You get the important details of the characters without losing any interest.

The artwork in this entire book is plainly beautiful. The artist does a great job with his use of shading and detail. This is very evident in Valentina’s facial expressions. You know what she is thinking without reading the thought bubbles.

Divinity was one of the best miniseries of 2014. Divinity II has the task of living up to it’s predecessor. One issue in, and I am very pleased and excited to see where the story goes. I am confident the artwork, pacing and character development will continue to excel with Valiant success.


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