D&D for Beginners



Writer: John Bucholtz

You walk down a dimly lit hallway. The smell of mildew and moisture weighs heavily in the air. You hear the sound of dripping water in the distance. As you tip toe towards a corner, you hear the sound of murmured voices coming from somewhere ahead of you. As you make the turn ahead, a group of piggish-faced humanoids talking among themselves come around the corner. They are just as surprised as you are. With a yell, the group draws their swords. Roll for initiative.

The increasingly popular D&D Role Playing Game (RPG) has paved the way for other RPGs to emerge among tabletop gamers. Over the past few years, the tabletop community has seen a surge in Role Players and story enthusiast, but what exactly is D&D?

D&D is short for Dungeons and Dragons and was first created by Gary Gyax and Dave Arneson in 1974. The core system has gone through many changes over its lifetime, but the essence of role playing still remains strong through each new version of the game.

D&D has always been a game of imagination. The Dungeon Master (DM) controls the overall narrative of a constantly unfolding story by presenting challenges the Players must overcome. The Players play the role of heroes and explore the DM’s world. The Players imagine fighting monsters, overcoming obstacles and figuring out puzzles set up by the Dungeon Master.

Players develop characters that he or she role plays using a character sheet that outlines the character’s attributes, skills, spells and equipment. The Player decides on how his or her character acts, fights and reacts to different situations, including interacting with other Player characters.

Through the course of the story, the DM grants experience points to each player at the end of a game session the player’s use to level his or her character up, which allows them to grow in power, gain stronger stats, and learn new skills and spells.

Whether you’re the Dungeon Master or a Player, in the end creativity and imagination is the core essence of playing the game.


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