Blind Justice

563d25fc29472Writer: Tom Aiello

Things start to heat up in Hell’s Kitchen, as old flames are reignited in Charles Soule’s latest all-new storyline for Daredevil #6, “Elektric Connection.”

Life was going pretty well for Daredevil. He’s back in black, prosecuting criminals during the day and fighting crime during the dark of night with a new protégé, Blindspot, under his wing.

All seemed to be going well until his past caught up with him. Elektra mysteriously showed up in court while attorney Matt Murdock was asking a Judge to set bail for a convicted felon. Later that night, Elektra attacked Daredevil while he waited for her on the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen. Matt learned quickly that she is not playing around.



There are quick, single-panel flashbacks that elaborate on why Matt waits for Elektra.  Elektra goes to see Matt, asking him to pass a message to Daredevil so they can meet.

Soule does an excellent job developing the struggle Matt has with his past feelings for Elektra while also maintaining his Matt’s secret identity. Soule balances the contrast between Matt’s inner monologues with the dialogue between characters well; it gives the reader a true sense of the despair Matt feels.

The majority of this comic is an engaging and dramatic battle between Daredevil and Elektra.  She’s out for some answers and she’ll stop at nothing to get them. Blindspot, DD’s sidekick and protege, makes a feeble attempt to subdue Elektra, only to have his arm broken within moments.

I cannot speak highly enough of how truly amazing this battle scene was depicted. Artist Matteo Buffagni gives you everything you could want in a classic fight scene, and much more. Buffagni conveys the scenes perfectly; rain pours in the middle of the night, Matt drips with blood, while the audience witnesses detailed swoosh marks where the throwing stars travelled.

Something that stands out in this book is the gritty and dark undertones throughout the panels. Lots of dark blues and grey set the tone for the story well. Colorist Matt Milla’s choice of colors on his palette really made this book stand out. DD’s billy club, gloves, boots, eyes, chest logo, and even the onomatopoeias are colored a brilliant red color. The contrast between colors is done with perfection. The contrast in colors left me feeling uneasy, which I suspect were the exact intentions of the artist.

This issue has it all, anything and everything you want in a great comic.  It has mystery and intrigue conveyed by brilliant artwork and coloring. It’s worth picking up just for Bill Sienkiewicz’s cover–simply beautiful. A great starting off point for the “Elektric Connection” story arc, as old flames are back and there’s a fire in Hell’s Kitchen, that may just consume their favorite Devil.


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