A Crime worth Waiting For

Writer: Madison Grace

Opening with a fierce battle against a dragon and ending on a stake-out, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank cleverly tells a coming-of-age tale about four young kids who are about to find themselves in the middle of a heist. 
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Azerello Does Miller Justice in DKIII

dkIII-a545a (1)
Writer: Adrian “Prophet Alpha” Murphy

With The Dark Knight III: The Master race, readers are given the opportunity to revisit the alternate world of an aged, battle-weary Batman/Bruce Wayne that was originally created by Frank Miller in 1986 with The Dark Knights Returns.

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Lucas Needs Love too

Writer: Chris Kettner

May the 4th is a day to celebrate all things Star Wars. We dress up as characters, throw screening parties and make Star Wars themed food. People love Star Wars, yet many are quick to tear down its creator. Lucas has his faults, but Lord JJ has taken the reigns, and Lucas is now 100% out of the picture; he can no longer “damage” your beloved franchise. This May the 4th, I propose we celebrate Lucas for who he is, forgive what he became and remember all he’s done for us.

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Honor Restored and Melisandre’s Secret Revealed

temporada-6-juegodetronosWriter: Marlee Merlo

*Warning: this contains SPOILERS*

Game of Thrones season 6 opens where season 5 left off, with Jon Snow’s body motionless in the snow at Castle Black. Having been betrayed by his fellow Night’s Watch officers, GoT fans have been completely enveloped in what’s next with Jon, hoping against hope that he wasn’t really dead after all.

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D&D for Beginners



Writer: John Bucholtz

You walk down a dimly lit hallway. The smell of mildew and moisture weighs heavily in the air. You hear the sound of dripping water in the distance. As you tip toe towards a corner, you hear the sound of murmured voices coming from somewhere ahead of you. As you make the turn ahead, a group of piggish-faced humanoids talking among themselves come around the corner. They are just as surprised as you are. With a yell, the group draws their swords. Roll for initiative.

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