A Crime worth Waiting For

Writer: Madison Grace

Opening with a fierce battle against a dragon and ending on a stake-out, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank cleverly tells a coming-of-age tale about four young kids who are about to find themselves in the middle of a heist. 
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Azerello Does Miller Justice in DKIII

dkIII-a545a (1)
Writer: Adrian “Prophet Alpha” Murphy

With The Dark Knight III: The Master race, readers are given the opportunity to revisit the alternate world of an aged, battle-weary Batman/Bruce Wayne that was originally created by Frank Miller in 1986 with The Dark Knights Returns.

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Swinging Back to a Familiar Spidey


Writer: Tom Aiello

I picked up my pull this week with mild trepidation, awaiting the next issue of Amazing Spider-Man. The past few issues of Amazing Spider-Man have left me mildly disappointed and wanting more focus on our Friendly Neighborhood Wall-crawler. I wanted to see the Spidey I love back to what he does best.  

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