D&D for Beginners



Writer: John Bucholtz

You walk down a dimly lit hallway. The smell of mildew and moisture weighs heavily in the air. You hear the sound of dripping water in the distance. As you tip toe towards a corner, you hear the sound of murmured voices coming from somewhere ahead of you. As you make the turn ahead, a group of piggish-faced humanoids talking among themselves come around the corner. They are just as surprised as you are. With a yell, the group draws their swords. Roll for initiative.

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Can I Play with Madness?

The Flavor of Shadows Over Innistrad”
Writer: Jesse Lopez

SOI-image 1.jpg SOI-image 2.jpg

Innistrad originally released in Fall of 2011 with a gothic horror themed setting where humanity is beset by all manner of creatures of myth. The theme most notably featured the classic horror tropes of vampires, zombies, demons and werewolves. Mankind clings on to survival by the protection offered by their Patron ArchAngel Avacyn who wards off the majority of these foul creatures; allowing the humans that worship her to live another day.

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Rules for Drinking and Gaming

stormcrow2Writer: Ryan Brunton

Last month I received a somewhat unusual request. My brother’s bachelor party was on the horizon, and the best man asked me to select board games to be played before, and after, a planned night of drinking and retrospection. While board game bachelor parties are probably not that common, board games at adult parties are becoming increasingly normal, and the two often share at least one characteristic: alcohol. So, here are some general guidelines I’ve come up with based on my experience to have an enjoyable board gaming experience while also enjoying your adult beverages.

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