Lucas Needs Love too

Writer: Chris Kettner

May the 4th is a day to celebrate all things Star Wars. We dress up as characters, throw screening parties and make Star Wars themed food. People love Star Wars, yet many are quick to tear down its creator. Lucas has his faults, but Lord JJ has taken the reigns, and Lucas is now 100% out of the picture; he can no longer “damage” your beloved franchise. This May the 4th, I propose we celebrate Lucas for who he is, forgive what he became and remember all he’s done for us.

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Honor Restored and Melisandre’s Secret Revealed

temporada-6-juegodetronosWriter: Marlee Merlo

*Warning: this contains SPOILERS*

Game of Thrones season 6 opens where season 5 left off, with Jon Snow’s body motionless in the snow at Castle Black. Having been betrayed by his fellow Night’s Watch officers, GoT fans have been completely enveloped in what’s next with Jon, hoping against hope that he wasn’t really dead after all.

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A New Hope for Future Films

“Practical effects steal the show”
Writer: Chris Kettner

The first time I saw The Force Awakens in theaters, I was not immediately sold on it. Sure it was fun enough, and it was definitely a much welcome break from Lucas’ style of movie making, but I left the theater a bit underwhelmed.

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History of Batman and Superman in Film


“What Every Fan Needs to Know After Dawn of Justice
Writer: Adrian Murphy

Both Batman and Superman have had their own live action films for as long as we have had television. Richard Donner’s “Superman” circa 1978 starring Christopher Reeves as the orphan Kryptonian gave us what I like to describe as a beta-high-spectacle version of the Man of Steel, but was limited by the visual technology of its time.

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Bad Editing Causes DC Movie Flop


Poor Superhero Story” 
Writer: Madison Grace

Just like its predecessor, Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice has fans split down the middle. Comic fans and moviegoers alike have come out from this film with either an absolute love or an absolute hate. While the movie did have some strong ups, the bad outweighed the good this time around.

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Best Renditions of Batman and Superman Yet


“Film Causes Schism Among Fans”
Writer: Adrian Murphy aka Prophet Alpha

Warner Brothers and DC comics released a movie that ironically caused a “Civil War” among movie critics, moviegoers, movie nerds and comic-book nerds all over the Internet. That Movie is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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“Deadpool” Movie Review

deadpoolWriter: Madison Grace

The latest and greatest to come to the comic book cinematic universe is none other than Deadpool, and it has officially raised the bar tenfold. For those who are not on their fifth screening already, I am here to tell you the film is well worth scheduling on a movie night in your weekly plans.

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