Letter from the Editor

When someone asks me why I love the nerd culture, I think of so many instances that may define that love. I find myself immersed in the geekdom of whatever new nerd experience I can manage. There have been too many times that I’ve found myself falling in love with a new aspect of this culture.

Sometimes it takes someone who has fallen in love hundreds of times to be able to point out the good, bad, and ugly side of this industry. Our goal is to guide you properly, whether it may be the industry overhyping or the real deal.

Whether we share articles about comics, movies, games, or events, we want to share our nerd expertise with you.

We also recognize that we may not be able to give you an expert opinion just from our staff, which is why we need YOU, reader, to become a writer.

We allow all fans to submit articles to us using our format. Your articles will be edited and published when the timing is right. Are you really excited for the new Star Wars movie at the end of the year? Write about it. We will publish it.

I hope you enjoy our content and our outlook on this amazing industry.

Owner of “Ryan’s Comics”