Blind Justice

563d25fc29472Writer: Tom Aiello

Things start to heat up in Hell’s Kitchen, as old flames are reignited in Charles Soule’s latest all-new storyline for Daredevil #6, “Elektric Connection.”

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Poe Dameron Soars in His New Series

Poe-Comic-Featured-ImageWriter: Chris Kettner

Poe Dameron #1 was an excellent introduction for someone like me, a person brand new to the Star Wars extended universe.

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Swinging Back to a Familiar Spidey


Writer: Tom Aiello

I picked up my pull this week with mild trepidation, awaiting the next issue of Amazing Spider-Man. The past few issues of Amazing Spider-Man have left me mildly disappointed and wanting more focus on our Friendly Neighborhood Wall-crawler. I wanted to see the Spidey I love back to what he does best.  

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Black Panther #1: Wakanda Doomed?

Writer: Ryan Haggerty

Growing up a minority in a predominately white neighborhood, the people in that neighborhood tended to put minorities into a box. The people of those neighborhoods often assumed that if a person had dark skin, then he or she must like the dark-skinned characters. This simply wasn’t true for me when it came to the leader of Wakanda.

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The Vision: Synthezoids in the Suburbs


Writer: Marlee Merlo

If you can get passed their physical appearance, The Vision family seems like an accurate representation of a lot of us. Once we hang up our capes and masks and decide to settle down into a life of suburban normalcy, the day-to-day functionality of the family unit clicks into place. For The Visions, a family of synthezoids, solar-powered android beings made of synthetic human blood and organs, this seemed to be the case.

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Dark Undertones Not for Spidey


Less Dialogue, More Web Slinging

Writer: Tom Aiello

Jose Molina’s “Amazing Grace,” printed between the issues of Amazing Spider-Man as one of Marvel’s point-series, attempts to have Spider-Man come to terms with religion. Prior to this story, Peter Parker had never been portrayed with a particular rapport with any faith.  

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