School for Assassins a Big Hit


Writer: Charlotte Parker

Deadly Class is the best comic you are not reading.

Written by Rick Remender and drawn by Wes Craig, Deadly Class shines as a comic series.

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Poe Dameron Soars in His New Series

Poe-Comic-Featured-ImageWriter: Chris Kettner

Poe Dameron #1 was an excellent introduction for someone like me, a person brand new to the Star Wars extended universe.

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Bad Editing Causes DC Movie Flop


Poor Superhero Story” 
Writer: Madison Grace

Just like its predecessor, Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice has fans split down the middle. Comic fans and moviegoers alike have come out from this film with either an absolute love or an absolute hate. While the movie did have some strong ups, the bad outweighed the good this time around.

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Dark Undertones Not for Spidey


Less Dialogue, More Web Slinging

Writer: Tom Aiello

Jose Molina’s “Amazing Grace,” printed between the issues of Amazing Spider-Man as one of Marvel’s point-series, attempts to have Spider-Man come to terms with religion. Prior to this story, Peter Parker had never been portrayed with a particular rapport with any faith.  

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Tokyo Ghoul First Impressions

539381Writer: Charlotte Parker

I for one love horror manga because, not only is it a refresher from the more colorful and silly series, they are also created for the mature audiences with rock hard stomachs. Series such as Hellsing, Elfen Lied and Ayakashi keep us on the edge of our seats and constantly having us point and scream “Oh my God!” Tokyo Ghoul, with just the first volume, did just that to me.

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You should Pull Kennel Block Blues

Kennel-Block-Blues-2016-1-FeaWriter: Resty Grey

Oliver, a black and white Boston terrier, rides a cartoon bus down a bouncing road that’s paved through a forest of smiling trees. The bus approaches a pink and yellow castle while he sings show tunes beside caricatures of cats and dogs, professing his perfect day.

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